Original Ideas for Best Valentines Chocolates

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion where you can express your love to someone in the most unordinary ways. If you’ve always been fond of giving a bouquet of flowers, a teddy bear, and a box of commercial valentines chocolates you buy from the store, now is the best time to let your special someone feel truly loved and appreciated with best Valentines chocolates straight from your heart. Best Valentines chocolate gifts may be in the form of truffles, pies, chocolate covered strawberries or nuts, pralines, dark or milk chocolates, Belgian or Swiss chocolates, Valentines chocolates are even edible chocolate flowers that look just like the real thing, and many more.

During this time of the year when love is in the air, you’ll find Valentines chocolate gifts displayed in almost every candy store. These chocolates come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. Valentines chocolate gifts also have romantic and very attractive packaging like heart shaped boxes with red ribbons.

The problem with commercial Valentines chocolates, these chocolates you bought at the last minute, is that they all look the same and chances are other people will be giving the same chocolates to their loved ones too. In other words, they lack originality and the personal touch of the person giving them. So what are the best Valentines chocolates you ask?

Here are some original ideas for best Valentines chocolates that will surely make your sweet gift stand out from the rest: 

  • Making Valentines chocolates yourself

Making your own Valentines chocolates is easy. Check out chocolate recipes in cookbooks, food magazines, and even online. Choose one which you’re capable of making and don’t forget to experiment. You may change some ingredients to suit the taste of your loved one. In addition, use molds that speak of Valentines like hearts and cupids. However, in order to succeed in preparing Valentines chocolates – You must pay attention to details and follow directions strictly. Stick to the recipe so you don’t lose track.

  • Unique wrapping for impressive Valentines chocolate gifts

In case you don’t have the time nor the skill to make your own Valentines chocolates you may buy them from candy stores or better yet, gourmet shops. However, don’t settle for those ready-made items. Instead buy assorted best Valentines chocolates and make your own packaging. Get a heart-shaped cardboard box and adorn it with heart cut-outs or sequins. You may even paste a cute picture of you and your loved one on top. Click on these decorations and beautiful boxes –

Sweetheart Wreath Kit Heart Vanilla Boxes - Mini

  • Express yourself with gourmet Valentines chocolates

If you’re someone who’s not good with words, you can use Valentines chocolates to express just how you feel. You can order custom made chocolates - personalized chocolates - like one big heart Belgian chocolate with “I Love You” drizzled on top.

  • What kind of Valentines chocolates? 

Do you know what kind of Valentines chocolates your loved one likes the most? Then you should give her exactly that. If she’s a sucker for Belgian chocolates or pralines, you should buy her a box or two. It will only show how considerate, thoughtful, and caring you are.

  • Chocolate covered strawberries & a chilled bottle of champagne

    Imagine you and your loved one, sitting by the fire place, making a toast and eating romantic hand – dipped fancy strawberries

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Roses


Champagne-Veuve - Yellow Label - 750ml

    • Chocolate of the month club– the most special gift! 

Remind your special someone every month just how much you care – a series of unique chocolate gifts will be delivered straight to your loved one doorstep with a gift note.

Try these extra special gifts: 

chocolate of the month club
The Love Collection
  • And one romantic touch for last - special & romantic chocolate & flowers- 

romantic chocolate gifts

Sweetheart Belgian Chocolate Covered Oreo


Modern Roses - One Dozen Pink

Valentine’s Day won’t be complete without giving your special someone only the best Valentines chocolates. Express your love and appreciation through Valentines chocolates that speak of you and your originality.


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